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Advantage Air is an Australian based HVAC manufacturer based in Perth, Western Australia that sells HVAC systems in Australia and South Africa.  MyAir is Advantage Air’s premium reverse cycle air conditioning system with 10 zones and individual room airflow control.

Chowmain’s MyAir driver for Control4 will work with all models of MyAir by providing two way control and feedback.


  • Two way IP control
  • Control of upto all 4 AC units attached to MyAir
  • Room temperature feedback (From MyAir Temp Sensors or Control4 Z2IO)
  • HVAC mode, Setpoint and Fan control
  • Fresh Air control
  • Timer functionality (Turn on/off AC after x minutes – upto 12 hours).
  • Built in Scheduling
  • Built in Presets
  • Control of each zone attached to AC units
    • Set as MyZone
    • Zone can be turned on/off
    • Zone temperature feedback (if sensor available in zone)
    • Zones can have airflow control (for those without temperature sensors)
    • Zones can have setpoint control (for those with temperature sensors)