Logitech Room - Small Room Install

Logitech Room - Small Room Install

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Logitech Room Solutions - Small Room (Display, Tap, NUC, MeetUp)

- Wall mount up to 75" display on fixed bracket (GPO required)
- Wall mount PC, patch cables; HDMI to Display, USB to Meetup, Network (GPO and Data Point required)
- Wall mount MeetUp below display 1200mm floor to lens center (GPO required)
- Place Tap on table or credenza; guest HDMI into Tap (GPO required) route 10m USB strong cable to NUC via existing cable path
- Test and commission systems
- Customer satisfaction sign off

*Logitech Room Solutions Notes:
- Quote assumes clear cable pathways, 25mm conduit or larger recommended by others
- Above floor cable management from walls to tables, quote from accessories as required
- Network and Device configuration by others
- Power and Data existing or additional as required
- Hardware and Cables by others unless listed as supply
- Wall bracing additional if required
- Scope assumes suitable wall structure, clear cable access, power available within .5m of install location