OpenGear OM2216-L-AU

OpenGear OM2216-L-AU

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Opengear OM appliances are NetOps Console Servers – Network Management appliances that combine the capabilities of a Smart OOB™ Console Server with the flexibility of NetOps Automation.

The OM2200 NetOps Console Server, managed through our Lighthouse software, is configured for data centers and high-density locations. As part of Opengear’s Network Resilience Platform, it provides a separate, secure management plane that supports advanced automation applications.

  • 16, 32, 48 Serial port and 24 Serial/24 Ethernet mixed port models with optional global LTE-A Pro cellular module
  • x86 platform supporting Docker and Python, to automate NetOps processes
  • Smart OOB includes automated port discovery and VLAN support on the OM appliances

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