BenQ 75" EDLA-Certified RP7504 4K UHD Interactive Display

BenQ 75" EDLA-Certified RP7504 4K UHD Interactive Display

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Teach in ways you never imagined

Discover new ways to boost engagement and take your teaching to the next level with our most powerful board yet. The new EDLA-certified BenQ Board Pro RP04 gives you the best possible classroom experience by combining the proven reliability of BenQ hardware and software with official Google services for education.  


Access your files

With Google Drive on the board, you can conveniently open your cloud-based teaching materials and then save them back to your drive once class is done.


The enhanced security you expect

Google Play Protect helps safeguard your displays and prevents you from installing potentially harmful apps and malware.


Customise your workspace

Personalise your board’s Home Screen by adding new pages and folders and pinning your most-used apps and files.


AI tools for accessibility and inclusivity

  • Text-to-speech: Have written text read aloud for everyone in class.
  • Multilingual translation: Translate resources to different languages and access a world of content.
  • OCR: Convert text directly from images and documents to an editable format.


Rely on efficient and cutting-edge performance

The RP04 runs official Android 13 on an 8-core Pro chipset ensuring futureproof and consistent performance.